Business Segments

Natreb Ceramic

Equipment that supply from economical production to high production with advanced technology.

Natreb Automation

Development of automated cells for moving ceramic, concrete and other serial products.

Natreb Mining

We supply machines for the mining industry, such as Smooth Roller Mill, Knife Roller Mill and Smooth Roller Mill, Waste Crusher or Shredder, Stone Crusher, Belt Feeders and Track Feeders, Horizontal Shaft Mixers or Solid Chippers.

Natreb Special Projects

Do you need a project for a specific demand? Contact us and we will develop.

Natreb Services

We have several complete services, including Technical Assistance, Ceramic Consulting and Laboratory Analysis. We still have an industrial park with the availability of Machining, Cutting, CNC Plasma, Boilermaking and Assembly Services, all with a modern computerized system for production control and traceability.


Monferrato was born from the need of Natreb company to find a foundry committed to quality and punctuality. It is currently a Monferrato brand serving its own customers across the country, in various segments.

Natreb Initiatives


Analyze the composition of your material through the clay test done in a certified laboratory, and improve the quality in the final result of your product.

Ceramic Consulting

Natreb provides a technical consultant to adjust your production process, assist in problem solving and improve the productivity and quality of your final product.


All the production processes and the origin of steels are controlled to ensure continuous improvement.


High precision machine tools for medium and large parts.

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