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Technical assistance

Spare Parts

We have a stock of spare parts for our entire product line.

Machines Start-up

We have a trained team to start up machines with the Natreb quality standard and in a short time.

Reducers Reform in General

With extensive experience in the manufacture and assembly of high power reducers, the Technical Assistance team is highly qualified for the recovery of gear reducers. We have Natreb’s technical staff for evaluation and possible resizing, the Machining Sector with gear generators and grinders and quality control able to inspect special gears.

Corrective Maintenance

The Natreb Technical Assistance team is aware that Corrective Maintenance must be assertive.

Technical Assistance Natreb is fully integrated with the Spare Parts sector and the entire Productive sector of the company, which means that the average time of service to ceramists is considered the best in the segment.

Preventive Maintenance

It is necessary to prevent stops and failures of parts and components of the machines by performing an active preventive maintenance.

The Natreb Technical Assistance team is prepared for training and guidance for ceramic operators, aiming to optimize strategic stops, increasing efficiency, and reducing the risks of breakages and machine degeneration.


Ceramics Consulting

Natreb has a team of qualified professionals with experience to guide and encourage the necessary changes in its production process.

The work begins with a diagnosis through our face-to-face, laboratory analysis or a problem that comes from the client.

Our goal is to present the newest tools and practices to solve, maintain and increase the yield in all stages of the manufacturing process.

We seek resolution with the use of measurement equipment for data collection and existing practices in current processes together with qualified professionals in different sectors of the ceramic process.

The Natreb team can also develop projects for your production line and present which equipment and solutions can offer you improvements through 3D plans and layout to visualize your future investments.

Our work within the ceramic industry can be presented in the following stages:

– Mass development and adaptation for the preparation sector.

– Formulation and suitability of masses for better drying and firing.

– Increased production of the extrusion process.

– Nozzle adjustment.

– Adjustment and suitability for the natural and artificial drying process.

– Adjustment and adaptation to the firing process, aiming at reducing time and fuel.

– Development and solutions to problems in the finished product.

– Assembly and adaptation of a support laboratory in the Manufacturing process.

– Technical training to perform the daily tasks of the laboratory and other sectors.


Contact us and ask your questions!


Laboratory Analysis

The study of raw materials is essential to obtain a uniform production process and increase the final quality of your product.

Laboratory analysis helps prevent rework in the production process, saves energy and accentuates wear and tear on parts and equipment.

Natreb offers a physical analysis laboratory and has some partners to carry out different analyzes of raw materials.

Laboratory tests available:


    Ceramic Raw Material

    • Determination of the quantification of mineralogical phases
    • Granulometric distribution – dry
    • Determination of drying shrinkage
    • Determination of firing retraction
    • Determination of water absorption
    • Determination of the plasticity index
    • Determination of humidity
    • Determination of the apparent density burnt
    • Determination of the burning color
    • Determination of raw bulk density
    • Determination of dry bulk density
    • Determination of gross waste
    • Determination of bending resistance module
    • Dry bending resistance module determination
    • Determination of chemical analysis
    • Determination of linear thermal expansion
    • Differential thermal / thermogravimetric analysis – ATD / TG
    • Semi quantitative determination of carbonates (CaCO3 + MgCO3)
    • Bigot curve determination
    • Determination of the best drying time for making the quick dryer viable


    Foundry Sand

    • Determination of the dry granulometric distribution + fineness module
    • Determination of clay content
    • Determination of acid demand
    • Determination of humidity

    Ceramic Block

    • Determination of dimensional characteristics
    • Determination of the compressive strength of ceramic block and solid brick
    • Determination of the square and flatness of the faces
    • Determination of the flexural breaking load of filling elements
    • Determination of mass and water absorption index
    • Determination of dimensional characteristics in solid bricks
    • Determination of visual identification analysis
    • Determining the dimensional characteristics of the filling elemento


    • Optical microscopy analysis
    • Scanning electron microscopy analysis
    • Determination of corrosion by exposure to salt spray (salt spray)
    • Determination of resistance to accelerated weathering UV-A and UV-B


    • Determination of the actual density
    • Determination of compaction for soils – wet and dry MEA
    • Determination of permeability to variable load
    • Determination of particle size distribution

    Ceramics Tiles

    • Determination of flatness and straightness
    • Determining dimensional characteristics
    • Determination of impermeability
    • Determination of the flexural breaking load
    • Determination of dry mass and water absorption
    • Determination of the minimum greyhound
    • Determination of average income
    • Determination of visual identification analysis
    • Determination of visual characteristics
    • Determination of loudness


    Natreb is constantly developing new equipment and training to obtain increasingly better precision in machined parts. We serve several markets with a wide variety of items, with several machines and an engineering team prepared to develop the projects according to your needs. We have the most advanced software for process support systems, training in excellent quality metallurgical products.

    Our main machines:

    • Vertical Lathe
      Diameter up to 59-inch with height of 39-inch
    • CNC Lathe
      Maximum distance between points of 122-inch and diameter of up to 31-inch
    • CNC Portal Mill and Vertical Machining Center
      Displacement on the Y axis of 59-inch, on the X axis of 78-inch and on the Z axis of 29-inch
    • Boring machine
      Displacement on the 51-inch X axis, 70-inch X axis and 51-inch Z axis
    • Gear Generator and Rectifier
      Maximum module 16 and minimum module 2.5 and maximum diameter of 51-inch and minimum diameter 2,60-inch
    • Conventional Lathe
      Maximum distance between points 157-inch and diameter up to 51-inch

    CUT - High performance in plasma cutting

    • The three-dimensional CNC (Coordinate Measuring Machine) equipment guarantees products calibrated with precision and certification by RBC – Brazilian Calibration Network.
    • Table with useful cutting area of 492-inch long and 110-inch wide.



    • In the steel shot blasting booth, it is possible to check items of surface roughness and visual pattern of blasting. We also have a dry painting booth, drying oven for painted parts. All of our equipment is compliant with the required safety standards and the processes are monitored by qualified professionals and inspectors.
    • We serve companies from small to large, we have the most varied equipment, among them: CNC calender, guillotine, turning machine, plasma cuts and CNC oxyfuel. We also work with parts welding processes, which is assisted by our specialized technical team.


    • Our company is responsible from the development of the project to the final delivery of the part or machine ready to produce. Every assembly process is done by our team and we have people prepared to give you the necessary support and maintenance.
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