The purpose of this machine is to dose various dry materials in a ceramic process. The feeder box is a robust equipment and supports large weights, being responsible for supplying the production line in an efficient and uniform way. Its rubber belt allows the dosing of materials such as dry clays, ceramic powders, earth and sawdust in ceramic production lines for cladding, tiles, bricks or in mining mines. In addition to the models available in the catalog, it is possible to develop the project in other sizes to meet the demand of each client.



  • Flexible rubber mat ensures material detachment without leaks with mechanical slits.
  • Rubber mat (belt) supported on load roller grid facilitates maintenance.
  • Two rows of load rollers allow greater support for the conveyor and moved load.
  • Rubberized traction roller ensures belt traction without risk of loss of traction due to slip.
  • Reinforced structure supports denser materials.
  • Easy disassembly housing that allows quick replacement of the belt without a belt, eliminating the need for splicing on site.
  • Greater flow of materials on the conveyor belt with the shaft chopped, ensuring a stabilized feed.
  • Disassembly of the reduction box with practicality through the coupling with adaptation on both sides.
  • Longer life of the gear reducer, stepped pulleys for varying the feed speed.
  • Versatile drive with two motors. One for the conveyor and one for the delimber.
  • Structure able for adapting silo (funnel) – Optional

Technical Data

ImageModelProductionPowerDimensions (WxHxL)Approximate weightTrough Dimensions (WxHxL)CapacityWheelbase
BOR-6000/1000Up to 40 Ton/hour03 hp – 1150 rpm + 10 hp - 1750 rpm2180 x 1650 x 6600 mm3330 kg1000 x 580 x 5100 mmSem Silo: 2,96 m3 / Com Silo: 13,85 m35200 mm

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