This machine was developed for the primary crushing of dry and hard ores (up to 4 mohs). It can be fed with pieces of ore in size up to 35 cm and release in parts of size from 2 to 5 cm, varying according to the model of the chipping axes. In addition to use in ceramic industries in general, it is very common to use it in mining companies, recyclers, chemicals, cement and others companies.


  • Helical cylindrical gear reducer with three output shafts in a welded and normalized sheet reduction box.
  • Reduction box in welded and standard plate.
  • A carcass of the whole primary crusher body is made of welded steel plate.
  • It has three main axes, one makes the pre clod breaking and refloating, and the other two final breakages.
  • Compressed combs make it easy to clean and form the clod size at the exit.
  • Cutting blades coated with hard solder, easy to dismantle and recover.
  • Exclusive coupling with mechanical safety device on all three axles.
  • Bucket capacity (without funnel) Between 10 to 40mm.
  • Electro-pneumatic clutch with easy activation.

technical data

ImageModelProductionPowerDimensions (WxHxL)Approximate weight
NTB-900Up to 70 Ton/hour40 hp – 1750 rpm2300 x 1433 x 2636 mm4500 kg

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