Natreb mixers are ideal for those looking for a high-effort machine that is fast maintained and has high durability. The function of this equipment in the ceramic industry is to mix the different types of clay, both rested and crude, promoting the mixing of the different raw materials. The addition of water to correct the dampness of the dough is also done in the mixer. It has helical cylindrical gear reducer and pneumatic clutch. Besides the ceramics, this machine has application in the  treatment of residues and some kinds of mining. A major diferential of the NTB-3000 Premium Mixer is the volumetric capacity of clay.


  • Gears with helical teeth with high durability and reliability in the gearbox.
  • Bipartite reduction box with alloy steel shafts and bearings for easy maintenance.
  • Main shaftsof Ø5.1/2″in SAE1045 steel and knives with simple maintenance system.
  • Bipartite reduction box independente from the mixer trough. It has couplings for easy disassembly and maintenance
  • Steel sheeted chopping blades that are easy to replace.
  • Lubrication of gears and bearings by oil bath.
  • Installed humidification system
  • Smooth-activation pneumatic clutch.
  • Protection on pulleys and trough.

technical data

ImageModelProductionPowerDimensions (WxHxL)Approximate weightTrough Dimensions (WxHxL)
NTB-3000 PREMIUMUp to 30 Ton/hour30 hp - 1750 rpm1830 x 1370 x 4570 mm2630 kg795 x 565 x 3000mm

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