It guarantees a constant and uniform supply of the other machines in the production line. Considering the aggressive and difficult access environment in which he usually works, this project was oversized in the critical parts to avoid any breakage and loss of production. Its belt supports high weight, and its drag chain has links, pulleys and pins designed for a long service life.


  • Steel conveyor tiles ensure alignment over time, preventing gaps and leaks from the materials being transported.
  • Drag chain with tempered steel pulleys.
  • Track with intermediate pulleys (third row) on models MN-4/1000, MN-5/1000, MN-6/1000 and MN-6E.
  • The belt chain is constantly lubricated.
  • Greater flow of materials on the conveyor belt with the chipper axis, ensuring a stabilized feed.
  • Disassembly of the reduction box with practicality through the coupling with adaptation on both sides.
  • Gear reducer for high durability and with stepped pulley for speed variation.
  • Two motor drive. One for the chipper and one for the conveyor.
  • Structure able for adapting silo (funnel) – Optional.

technical data

ImageModelProductionPowerDimensions (WxHxL)Approximate weightTrough Dimensions (WxHxL)CapacityWheelbase
MN-6/1000Up to 40 Ton/hour03 hp – 1150 rpm + 10 hp - 1750 rpm2160 x 1550 x 6340 mm3400 kg1000 x 580 x 5100 mmSem Silo: 2,96 m3 / Com Silo: 13,71 m35200 mm

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