The laminators continue the process of shredding raw materials, complementing the work of another laminator or mixer. Its function is based on the crushing of clays between its two high-strength cylinders that work at different speeds. It can be used in the ceramic production line and in dough preparation. Its production capacity is related to its size (model) and the regulation of the lamination thickness. The cylinders of Natreb rolling mills are cast in steel alloyed with chromium and manganese, which allows long durability. The Laminator performs the process of removing the boulders and completes the mixture of the mass, better distributing the water in the clay. The result is a better finish and greater resistance of the ceramic product.



  • Nodular iron headboards.
  • Easel with feet and bench to support grinding and motors.
  • Cylinders with different speeds that rub the clay particles together, improving the lamination result.
  • Spherical roller bearings, sealed in their housings with a mechanical labyrinth system.
  • Safety fuses and cylinder adjustment system totally external to the protections to facilitate periodic regulation.
  • Support structure of the laminator suitable for receiving grinding. (Grinding is an optional equipment).
  • Activation of the scraper blades by means of a pneumatic system.

technical data

ImageModelProductionPowerDimensions (WxHxL)Approximate weightSmooth Cylinder Dimensions (ØxW)
MN-800Up to 32 Ton/hour50 hp - 1150 rpm + 30 hp - 1150 rpm2970 x 2370 x 3550 mm6180 kgØ800 x 600 mm

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