For the management of covered stocks, the electrically driven Dredge makes the automatic and programmed removal of processed and stored materials by feeding a belt conveyor that will give the final destination. Replaces the loader and tractors generating savings and dosage control. It has three movements which are the vertical upward / downward displacement of the boom driven by two hydraulic cylinders, the path on rails along the stock and the rotation of the chains that lead the drag mugs that carry the collected material to the belt conveyor. Commanded by PLC and sensors, it allows to alternate the work place according to the logic of use of the stocks. No operator required.



  • Cup with a capacity of 0.02 m³.
  • Arm up to 15 meters.
  • Welded carbon steel structure.
  • Tilt actuation by two hydraulic pistons.
  • Adjusting speeds in longitudinal advance (on the rails).
  • Adjust the speed of the cups.
  • Steel wheels.
  • Fixing system for concrete blocks for counterweights (counterweights are up to the customer).
  • Follow programming according to logic to be defined with the customer, installation labor and start up.

technical data

ImageModelProductionPowerApproximate weightArm length
draga02NTB-40Up to 80 Ton/hour30 a 37,5 hp17.500 a 25.000 kg10 a 15m

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